Governing the wind energy commons

In his new book, Governing the Wind Energy Commons, Dr. Keith Taylor, asks: “Who owns wind energy development, and does it matter for rural livelihoods?” Taylor’s book reveals a sleeping giant in the electricity sector, composed of close to a thousand electric co-ops generating over $42 billion in annual revenue – co-ops owned and governed by 42 million rural Americans.

This book is of vital importance, in light of climate change, but also in holding energy developers responsible for benefiting the communities hosting them. Take the case of PG&E’s recent bankruptcy; why aren’t California policymakers engaging with the electric co-op sector for the future of California energy and economic development policy? Taylor seeks to use the book to intervene in today’s discourse around energy, climate change, economic development, and environmental justice, by revealing how community ownership of renewable energy can benefit rural American livelihoods.

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